Plottr – writing plot planner

If you are an author and need help planning your book, Plottr is for you. Whether you’re working on a novel, a memoir, or a screenplay, Plottr will help you visualize your plot points faster and make storyboarding easier. It comes with over a dozen templates to assist you with creating your outline and writing day after day.

1. It is a visual book planning software that allows you to outline your books faster and smarter.

2. It is available for all devices.

3. It comes with over a dozen templates to help you get started writing.

Plottr is for:

1. Writers who want to outline their books more effectively.

2. People who want to be able to visualize their plot points and characters better.

3. Those who want an automated outline of their story.

4. Writers who want to start writing based on a pre-existing template.


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