I’m not a great lover of rules – as Thomas Edison said, “Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something.”

That said, my experience tells me that it’s advisable to create some guidelines for contributors to follow. So here are mine…

  1. Don’t post content of, or linking to, anything illegal or offensive. That includes porn or spammy stuff. Everyone will hate you for it, and you will bring yourself 7 years of really, really, bad luck.
  2. Don’t post content or links to sites, not written in English.
  3. Using affiliate links is not allowed. It’s not that I’m anti-hustle or anything like that. It’s just that we will end up having a gazillion links to the same destination, all using their own affiliate link – and yes, some of the links I post are my own affiliate links (see FAQ below).
  4. Posting a link to your own product or services is fine.
  5. Please don’t abuse this platform. It’s been created with good intentions, so don’t spoil it by taking the p*ss!!

That’s it, 5 really simple content guidelines. Thanks for reading, now go create some links!


What type of content can I post here?

You can post links to tools, articles, or videos related to writing fiction or non-fiction novels, short stories, or poetry.

Can I use my affiliate links?

No. Some of the links I post use my own affiliate links. Any commissions I receive are used to pay for the upkeep of this site plus pay for the tools I try out before adding to this site. I want to be as sure as I can that the tools I include here are useful!

How long before my content is live on the site?

I’ve taken the decision to review each contribution before it becomes live, because we all know that if I allow total freedom to submit content to the site is likely to quickly degenerate into a spam-fest. So, the answer is that it depends on how busy I am and the volume of submissions I have to review. I try to make a review within 24 hours of it being submitted, but no promises.

Do you edit submissions?

I’d rather not because it’s more work for me, but sometimes it’s necessary. by submitting, you are agreeing to this.