12 Reasons You Should Start Using A.I. Content Writers

AI Content Writers for Bloggers, Marketers, and Small Business

The world of content writing has changed. Now you can use artificial intelligence to do the work for you. This new wave of automation is not only helping businesses save time and money, but also allowing them to stay ahead of their competitors in SEO and reader engagement—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We’ll look at 12 reasons why AI content writers are an amazing tool for author brand marketing today.

If you want to stay ahead in this world, you have to have an open mind and consider the benefits of AI content writing software

The world is changing and so should your author brand marketing strategies. I believe incorporating AI content writers into your book marketing can help you stay ahead of the competition, save time and money, and ultimately, create better content.

The world is moving towards automation in all things including marketing processes. However, there are still a lot of authors who do not understand the benefits of A.I. content writers or how it works for them as a content creator.

In this article we will cover some common myths about A.I. content writers and explain how they can be useful for you as an author looking to write quality content without having to spend hours doing research and creating drafts by hand.

1. Artificial Intelligence Is Here to Stay

It’s no secret that AI is here to stay. From medicine and manufacturing to marketing and sales, AI systems are being integrated into nearly every aspect of our lives. And it seems like the dominance of AI in our daily lives will only increase over time—the technology is developing at a rapid pace and becoming more accessible for everyone.

This translates into greater adoption rates among marketers across all industries. In fact, according to one study, 80% of marketers already use some form of machine learning or predictive analytics technology within their operations today!

2. AI Is Writing Like a Human

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool you can use to produce better content. AI isn’t just writing like a human—in many ways it is writing better than humans. It will write in different styles, on demand, and on any topic.

AI uses language modeling techniques to generate high-quality copy that sounds natural and original. These techniques are based on statistical analysis of large amounts of text data, enabling the program to understand complex relationships between words. As such, it can create content from scratch or generate variations on existing content by interchanging certain words or phrases with others (i.e., synonyms).

3. AI Has Shown It Can Maintain Consistency

One of the biggest problems in content writing is maintaining a consistent tone and voice, especially if you have multiple writers working on your content marketing strategy. While you may know what kind of tone works for your author brand, it’s hard to make sure that everyone else does too. AI is great at maintaining that consistency because it learns from its mistakes (and so much more).

AI can learn from other people’s mistakes: If a writer makes an error while they’re writing an article, AI will be able to pick up on that mistake and correct it as soon as possible so there aren’t any inconsistencies in the finished product.

AI can learn from its own mistakes: Likewise, if an AI program makes an error while creating a piece of content – for example, if it types “the” instead of “they” – then the A.I. can keep track of all past drafts and compare them with each other until it finds which words should be changed back so everything matches up again later on down the line.

4. It Takes the Tedium Out of Content Creation

There’s a reason that software like Jasper or Copy.ai, which use AI to help you write better content, has become so popular among writers. It takes the tedium out of content creation and allows you to focus on other important tasks. You can spend more time creating engaging, high-quality content that your readers will love instead of spending hours upon hours slaving away over each article yourself, wasting valuable book research and writing time.

5. Automate Bulk Content Without Losing Quality

Writing content is a time-consuming and laborious task, and most people just don’t have the time or ability to write lots of high quality content. The good news is that you can use AI to automate bulk content without losing its quality.

In other words, AI can help you create more articles than ever before – and in less time.

6. Automation Means Less Overhead

In the world of content marketing, time is money. Many authors have to juggle responsibilities, and if you’re one of them then it’s crucial that you make sure every task on your to-do list is as efficient as possible — especially when there’s so much competition in the market right now. Automation means less overhead: You’ll spend less time on time-consuming tasks like writing blog posts or creating landing pages and more time focusing on other important things.

7. It’s an Amazing Language Learner

AI is a language learner, which means it can help you with your content creation and optimization efforts in a number of ways. First, AI can learn from data—so if you want to find out which phrases or words frequently appear together, AI will do that for you. Then there’s the ability to translate text into multiple languages—a huge benefit for global businesses looking to expand their reach online and offline. 

8. You Can Optimize for SEO From the Start

AI is able to generate content that will rank well, so you can start optimizing for SEO from the very beginning. Instead of writing hundreds of blog posts, you can create one and have it automatically generated in different variations. AI can also help you optimize your content for social media, which is more important than ever before. 

10. More Time for Creativity and Experimentation

AI is a tool that helps you focus on the creative aspects of content creation, allowing you to experiment with different content formats, test new ideas and see what works. It can also help you find new ways to engage your audience and reach new audiences.

11. Create Content for Multiple Platforms, Not Just Web Pages

Content isn’t only for web pages anymore. There are many other platforms besides the web, including email, video scripts, and social media. When you create your content with artificial intelligence it can also be used on these other platforms.

12. AI Can Create Images Too!

The final point on this list is this: AI content writers can help you create images too!

This latest development in AI writing software is nothing short of amazing! Describe the image that you want to produce and the A.I. platform will generate a high-quality image for you. 

Now imagine if you could use technology like this on your blog or other marketing efforts, or indeed, to produce concept artwork for your book!

A.I. Writer Myths

There are two key myths about AI content writers that I come across regularly. The first is that A.I. produces plagiarised content, and the second is that Google penalises content produced by A.I. Let me address both of these.

  1. Content produced by A.I. Content Writers is plagiarised content.

Whilst this is always possible with some of the lower-cost platforms, it’s almost certainly not the case. Most platforms, take Copy AI for example, promise content that is 100% free of plagiarism. In any case, it is very easy to check for plagiarism using free online checkers.

  1. Google will penalise A.I. content for search rankings.

Google certainly does not like the thought of content produced solely by A.I. and if it can detect it, they will penalise. However the problem they have is that A.I. content is so good, it is very difficult indeed to detect. 

That said, A.I. is not perfect. It makes mistakes (ironically, just as humans do!). Firstly, it’s essential that any content produced by an A.I. writer is checked, corrected, and edited. Think of A.I. writers as a junior writing assistant, rather than a machine. Check the work, edit to add your own particular stamp on the content. Humanise it. After all, it will be published in your name, so make sure you are fully happy with it!

Here is what Serpstat say about it:

As an example of how this might play out, Google may treat AI content similarly to backlinks. In technical terms, buying links is against the guidelines of Google. But practically, it is difficult for Google to determine if a link is a natural one or a trade-related one. In order for Google to act, it must break out of patterns. 

As long as the 
text has a byline, has a consistent style, and is of high quality, it is unlikely that Google will notice a difference.

Which A.I. Writer To Choose?

There are quite a few AI content writers available, and they are all pretty similar in terms of quality of output. You probably don’t want to hear this but it really does come down to personal choice. Give a couple a try, take advantage of their free trials or free subscription options. In my experience, the free options are pretty limited and don’t really give you the full picture because output is generally limited by word count and lack some of the more useful features.

Two I can personally recommend are Jasper and Copy AI.

Jasper has a steeper learning curve but is very flexible. Copy AI is very easy to use and the output is pretty awesome too. Both are fantastic A.I. platforms.

You can find a more comprehensive list of A.I. writers here for you to try. 


I hope that the above has been helpful and you can see the benefits of using AI to write content for your author brand. If you are interested in using an A.I. platform, most have free options or at least a trial. 

AI content writers can be a big help for you if you know how to use it. There is no way that a piece of software can fully replace human creativity and high-quality writing, however, AI software has its place in the content creation process if used correctly. Hopefully you will find this article helpful and you can see the benefits of using AI to write content for your author brand. 


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